Lynton Colloquium Panelist: Nick Tobier

nick-tobierNick Tobier is a New Yorker who has transferred much of his affection and sense of street-level exploration to Detroit. Nick studied sculpture and landscape architecture, worked as project manager at Storefront for Art & Architecture in New York City for five years and later as a designer, first with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (Bronx Division) and then with LandWorks Studio in Boston.

Nick’s focus as an artist and designer is on the social lives of public places, both in built structures and events. He has designed and/or activated bus stops, farms, kitchens, boulevards, and has worked within and without municipal structures in Detroit, Tokyo, Toronto, and San Francisco.

Current projects include Marvelous Guests, a series of site-specific urban interventions, and Brightmoor Bikes and Trailers, a hands-on workshop for designing, building, and distributing utility bicycles, tricycles, and trailers in Detroit.

Nick is an Associate Professor and Director of National Engagement at the Stamps School of Art and Design and the Center for Entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.

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