Project Inclusion Informational Videos

NERCHE and Project Inclusion

John Saltmarsh, Director, NERCHE

A brief introduction to NERCHE and how Project Inclusion relates to NERCHE’s mission to assist campuses with collaborative change processes and to address social justice in a diverse democracy.  


Project Inclusion Overview
Alane Shanks, Director, Project Inclusion
Jenene Cook, Doctoral Candidate, University of Massachusetts Boston

A detailed description of the purpose and objectives of Project Inclusion such as how the pilot sites were selected and what current initiatives are underway at the participating campuses.  


Campus Compact for New Hampshire
Debby Scire, Executive Director, CCNH 

An introduction to CCNH (a consortium of New Hampshire colleges and universities committed to service-learning and civic engagement), an explanation of the linkages between among CCNH, NERCHE, and the Self-Assessment Rubric highlighting how the work is proactively helping New Hampshire campuses.


The Self-Assessment Rubric
Glenn Gabbard, NERCHE Visiting Scholar, and former NERCHE co-director

A brief history of NERCHE’s Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education as well as an overview of its structure and its potential value to colleges and universities assessing their diversity and inclusive excellence efforts.


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