Next Generation Leadership: Insights From Emerging Leaders


Sherry H. Penney and Patricia Akemi Neilson

Next Generation Leadership: Insights From Emerging Leaders

Next Generation Leadership addresses issues such as:

Leading from the middle;
Leading collaboratively;
Networking within sectors and across sectors;
Adapting to new technology;
Inclusivity with organizations that represent current demographics;
Focusing on issues of gender, race, and ethnicity in the workplace;
Encouraging family friendly work environments;
Demonstrating corporate social responsibility and undertaking “green” initiatives;
Responding to globalization and the shrinking of our world.

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Sherry H. Penney is the “Sherry H. Penney Professor of Leadership” in the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Previously she served as the Chancellor of UMass Boston and interim president of the University of Massachusetts system.

Patricia Akemi Neilson is the Director of the Center for Collaborative Leadership. She holds a doctorate in leadership and has experience in the business world as well as in higher education.