Grassroots Coalitions and State Policy Change

Grassroots_CoalitionsGrassroots Coalitions and State Policy Change: Organizing for Immigrant Health Care

Margaret A. Post College of the Holy Cross
and Visiting Scholar with NERCHE working on the Next Generation Engagement Project

Post examines how coalitions build power in the policymaking arena. She focuses on interorganizational partnerships, internal capacity building, and claims-making, and shows that multi-organizational alliances can be intermediary mechanisms for promoting interests and realizing political gains. With case studies from Massachusetts and California between 2004 and 2007, Post investigates how statewide, health policy coalitions incorporate immigrant interests in organizing strategies for policy change.

The analysis supports a theoretical framework of how mediating institutions can facilitate the incorporation of interests in a broader policy context. This framework may serve as a practical guide for immigrant-based and community organizations interested in strengthening their capacity for policy change and political action.

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