Campus Community Partnerships

NERCHE and the Worcester UniverCity Partnership hosted a series of events focusing on the role of colleges and universities in economic development. Through the use of nationally recognized speakers and engaged local practitioners, the programs were intended to stimulate dialogue around the efforts of institutions of higher education and their public and private partners as they seek to revitalize their local communities. The purpose in presenting this series was threefold:

  • To educate and inform the academic, public, and private sectors about the enormous potential that exists when collaborative efforts are undertaken;
  • To highlight the work of Worcester-area colleges and universities and other New England institutions currently engaged in economic development initiatives; and,
  • To refine the Worcester UniverCity Partnership initiative and present it as a model for replication in other communities.

For the duration of the series, NERCHE and the Worcester UniverCity Partnership took advantage of Worcester’s central Massachusetts location and the cooperation of the local colleges and universities, locating our seminars here. Support for the campus/community partnerships series was provided by: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Massachusetts Campus Compact, New England Futures, NSTAR, the University of Massachusetts Boston, the University of Massachusetts Medical School, UnumProvident, and Webster Five Cents Savings Bank. NERCHE and the Worcester UniverCity Partnership appreciate their support and the value they have ascribed to this timely and important dialogue.


Events in the series:


  • “The College/University as Urban Developer,” with David Perry and Wim Wiewel. October 5, 2006, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA.
  • “Leveraging Resources for University/Community Partnerships: Financial Institutions & Philanthropy,” with David Maurrasse. April 10, 2006, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, MA.
  • “Evaluating the Success of Community/University Economic Development Partnerships,” with Kenneth Reardon. February 23, 2006, Clark University, Worcester, MA.


Worcester UniverCity Partnership. The vision behind the Worcester UniverCity Partnership is to bring together the institutions of higher education, the City of Worcester, and the business community in a collaborative effort to promote economic development in Worcester.